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Useful links for collectors, shooters, and fans of the Mauser Karabiner 98 Kurz – the 98k
Useful links for collectors, shooters, and fans of the Mauser Karabiner 98 kurz – the 98k
Last updated May 30, 2011
Useful links for collectors, sh
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Codes, manuals, tech data
 Manufacturer's Codes 1934-1945  (Receiver numbers, Waffenamt codes)
Supplier codes for German military equipment (in German but straightforward) (repaired link 12/26/'10)
German Ordnance Codes
Waffenamt codes
Wikipedia entry with codes
Waffeneamt codes with manufacturers -- gives (Army) supplier codes associated with numeric WaA inspection codes
German proof marks
Another list of current German proof marks (in German)
Tons of German codes, headstamps, suppliers, etc.
Various monographs on WW2 Mausers from the (apparently now defunct) Karabiner Collectors Network, through Ye Connecticut Gun Guild. Articles by noted collector Bob Jensen.

Exploded views
English exploded view, color (click to zoom)
German exploded view, color (click to zoom)
Exploded view, parts list (also includes German-English lexicon at bottom)

Key dimensions – how to identify various Mauser action variations over the years; large ring? small ring? Short or long action? What's what?

Literature sources
English translations of German manuals  Also sells exploded view posters

Backbone of the Wehrmacht, Vol. 1 by Richard Law
Mauser Bolt Rifles by Ludwig Olson
German 7.9 mm military ammunition, 1888-1945 by Daniel W. Kent (expensive, rare, collectible book, for ammunition collectors more than shooters)
List of books
Deutsche Fertigungskennzeichen bis 1945 (German Manufacturer Codes to 1945), Michael Heidler
    Available from publisher, Visier Magazin
The Mauser M91 through M98 Bolt Actions: A Shop Manual by Jerry Kuhnhausen
    Amazon has crazy prices on all books in this series. But "street price" is in the low $30 range directly from publisher (use link above) or at gun shows. Highly recommended.

Karabiner Collectors Network – last known address P.O. Box 5773, High Point, NC 27262 (apparently now defunct)
Mauser Monthly – defunct, but available online.
"From 1996 to 2001 I produced and edited The Mauser Monthly, an e-zine for shooters and gunsmiths devoted to aficionados of Mauser-pattern rifles.  All the archives in pdf format are here."
Military Rifle Journal and subscription info
Guns Magazine, Jan 2002, "Restoring a MauserKarabiner 98 kurz..." (Limited details).

General Mauser 98k sites
Michael Starega's excellent and entertaining site – in four languages even, including Polish and Russian
Ye Connecticut Gun Guild Mauser pages
Mauser – the original factory is still in business and makes some impressive modern hunting rifles to this day
Mauser Guns (general site for all models)
Mauser Guns' list of links
Safety check, cleaning action, lubrication (Mausershooters)

Hoppe's, maker of cleaning supplies and equipment
Hoppe's video showing use of the classic Hoppe's Number 9
Hoppe's video showing use of the new Hoppe's Elite
Detailed views of Reinigungsgerät 34 (Cleaning Kit 34). Ever wonder what those tools do? See here.
Removing Cosmoline
Ed's Red bore cleaner
Ballistol water-soluble oil
How to clean after corrosive ammunition (from Empire Arms; uses ammonia, be careful)
Another page of corrosive-cleaning instructions, from
How to clean the bolt
VFG's nifty felt bore cleaning system
    Available from Brownell's (for 8mm and most American cleaning rods using 8-32 thread, need:
    No.607 adapter,  No. 338 plain felt pellets, No. 011 "superintensive" pellets)

Bolt disassembly (
Bolt re-cock and re-install (
Bolt disassembly (German; including what to do if safety lever snapped to left on disassembly)
Complete disassembly (
K98 rifle disassembly (German)

Shop manual
The Mauser M91 through M98 Bolt Actions: A Shop Manual by Jerry Kuhnhausen
Amazon has crazy prices on all books in this series. But "street price" is in the low $30 range directly from publisher (use link above) or at gun shows. Highly recommended.

Jard triggers (may require stock modification) (Also available from Brownell's)
Timney triggers
Huber triggers and Mauser 98k trigger (unfortunately, requires stock modification)

Mario Kabalt, in Holland, is an outstanding source of original stocks
New repro stocks from Great American Gunstock Co.
Refinish a Mauser for $99?  Not sure if I trust that service but there you go...
Stock repairs by Stockfixrs
Michael Kokolus stock duplicating service
"gunnyUSMC" on Gunboards has received good reviews for stock repair.
Mauser Central on stocks
Mausershooters on stock refinishing – including how to remove Russian capture numbers
Refinishing a stock on TFRWiki (Purple Power, boiled linseed oil) (highly recommended)
Cleaning stock
Fitting new stock
Preparing stock for refinishing ("Purple Power" cleaner)
Refinishing to restore patina
Tung oil refnishing
Stock refinishing discussion on curio and relic firearms forums
Tru-Tone T400 comes recommended. A tung oil finish.

Stock refinishing videos on YouTube
Bedding a Mauser action (from Mausershooters)

Cold bluing videos on YouTube

Mausershooters – making sight adjustments (math: how far to move front sight -- but the math is wrong, adjustments are miscalculated by nearly a factor of two!)
(Note: first, the math is wrong. Second, way too complicated. Easier, and easier to remember: use similar triangles. If your point of impact is, say, 2.5 inches off at 100 yards, that's 2.5 inches in 3600 inches. Measure distance between sights and use same ratio. If sights are 19.75 inches apart, you want to offset (2.5/3600) * 19.75 inches = about 14 thousandths of an inch.
Brownell's sight height adjustment calculator (same idea -- similar triangles. This one uses correct math)
and the related sight height calculator taking into account different barrel diameters

Headspace gauges – the classic kind
See also this important note on old vs. new shoulder angle
       And see this note which basically says "never mind..."
Measuring headspace from case length using Wilson gauges (see also gauge dimensions on p. 2)
Mausershooters – how to correctly measure headspace – step-by-step
Surplusrifle on various brands of headspace gauges
Universal headspace gauge – not sure I trust this idea, but there you go.
Official chamber & cartridge dimensions from SAAMI (main navigation)
Cartridge and chamber drawings for 8x57 Mauser (note: this is the "new" shoulder angle. Forster claims WW2 chambers were cut differently. And some people say "makes no difference."
Cartridge & chamber dimensions from Dunlap, Gunsmithing, p. 562, 1950 edition. Appear nearly identical to current SAAMI.
Original German drawing (does not show shoulder angle)  (From this site)
This drawing shows shoulder angle; does not work out to 19 or 20 degrees though.
Sinclair bullet comparator (Note this is a bullet, not case length comparator; goes on ogive)
Bore gauges by Accumounts
Bore gauges by Stone Axe Engineering – unfortunately not in Mauser size
Recoil lug wrench
Receiver holding fixture
Nollan's Barrel Saver
Lucas Bore Guide review
 Front sight adjustment tool from Accumounts (scroll down near bottom)

Parts sources
 Parts lists from vendors – these vendors have extensive parts lists, even for obscure bits
Brownells (and current coupon codes) (and another coupon site)
Numrich Gun Parts Corp. (and current coupon codes)
 Get free or reduced shipping – call their number, 1-866-686-7424, during normal (East Coast) business hours. Go through menu as if you are calling in a phone order ("Press 1"). Next, before a live operator comes on, they will suggest you order online and use a code, xxxx, for reduced or free shipping. The code changes every day. Hang up, place your order online instead.
Springfield Sporters
Hoosier Gun Works
Sarco Inc.
Historical Parts
Gunparts Plus ("Mauser Marty") ebay store
Century Arms
Marstar Canada
Ponderosa Enterprises
List of Mauser parts and accessory sources
Tennessee Gun Parts AVOID!!!!
(Update Oct. 6, 2010: one person in an online forum reports that TGP takes orders and money but doesn't ship merchandise; Better Business Bureau gives them an "F" rating. Use caution). Reports: here, here, and here   So, until he starts fulfilling orders in a timely manner, not recommended.
(Update May 15, 2011: the moderator of Surplus Rifle Forum has finally given up on his two-year defense of Tennessee Gun Parts. It's no use anymore. The excuses kept changing but the end result the same -- taking in money but not shipping the goods. Until something amazing happens -- like, the First Annual Bering Sea Surfing Invitational -- one is well advised to have absolutely no dealings with Tennessee Gun Parts or its proprietor, Layne King).

Miscellaneous Mauser parts vendors – generally smaller selections, accessories and "cosmetic" parts
International Military Antiques
Landser Company and Landser's ebay listings (some package deals on minor 98k parts)
Zib Militaria (in German)  (same in English)
WW2 accessories – some original, some repro (same in English)
Waffen Eschbach (in German)
Northridge International
Apex Gun Parts
1944 Militaria (see "K98 ammo pouches bayonets & frogs" in navigation bar)
At the Front Militaria (see "weapon related" in navigation bar)
Brand new Norwegian replacement barrels in .308 (NATO 7.62x51) from Coles
Liberty Tree Collectors

General gun shops
Cheaper than Dirt (and coupon codes)
Midway USA (and coupon codes)
Cabela's (and coupon codes)  (more coupon codes)
Old Western Scrounger
Sinclair (and coupon codes)
Creedmoor Sports – specializing in target shooting supplies
Simpson Ltd – Excellent dealer in collectible firearms
    Simpson's Mauser 98k offerings

Germany and Europe


Interesting article on various available Mauser bullets and loads
Thoughts on surplus ammunition and corrosive primers – is it really so bad? Maybe not.
List of original variations of  7.92 x 57 (7,92 x 57) with identifying characteristics
Spanish-language site with lots of images of different ammunition, headstamps, cutaways, dimensions..
(In navigation, click on "fuego central" then navigate downward to the list of 7.92x57 types)
The shoulder angle issue – old vs. new; critical when checking headspace
Original German drawing (does not show shoulder angle)  (From this site)
This drawing shows shoulder angle; does not work out to 19 or 20 degrees though.
Headstamps for German ammunition

Ammunition (commercially packaged and surplus) 
Ammoseek – compilation of current prices – compilation of recent best ammunition deals, submitted by users Ammunition shopping 'bot; does not always find best deals
Graf & Sons – they say "free shipping" but tack on a handling charge.
Bullets from Graf – excellent overview of what's available
Brass from Graf
Classic Arms – 225 rounds Yugo 8x57 for $59.95.
J&G Sales
BH Shooters
Ammo Depot
Midway USA (and coupon codes)
R&R Arms
Mashburn Safari
Cabela's Sellier & Bellot
Ammunition to Go  – commercial and surplus; low price of $13.95/20 rds Prvi FMJBT Jan 25 2010
Crikey. They even have incendiary ammo. But no tracer in 8mm
A1 Ammo – commercial and surplus
AIM Surplus – commercial and surplus; low price of $12.95/20 rds Prvi SP Jan 25 2010
Natchez Shooters Supplies  
Sportsman's Guide – commercial and surplus
I take that back. Sportsman's Guide is possibly the most incompetent retailer to be found in this hobby. Don't get me started; this is not the place to vent. Google "Sportsman's Guide" and incompetent. Avoid this outfit like the plague.
Palmetto State Armory – low price of $13.50/20 rds Prvi SP, + shipping, Jan 25 2010
Lucky Gunner (selection changes; reflects actual stock on hand)
Samco (doesn't always have 8x57 in stock)
Century Arms
Targetsports USA
Chestnut Ridge
Gary's Guns: Exotic ammo
Trophy's Hunting Gear – sometimes has Sierra bullets when others don't
Hinterland Outfitters sometimes has Sierra bullets when others don't
Palmetto Outlet for Sierra bullets

German ammunition sources

Manufacturer web sites
Jaktmatch FMJ (general purpose& target)
Vulcan, Norma, Alaska (hunting rounds)
Prvi Partizan
US importer, with bullet data
Match Line
Looks like their only offering is a single hunting round

Reloading info
General info
Reloading overview
Das Wiederladen von Munition – German-language overview
Bullet alloys (or, how to cast wheel weights into bullets)
Reloading books
Sierra Bullets
Chuck Hawks on reloading the 8x57
Bushing dies for neck resizing (story from Guns Magazine, May 2001)
RCBS instructions
List of available bushings from Mid-South Shooters
Article on Hornady OAL gauge and bullet comparator
Annealing brass
Video of one annealing machine. Hypnotic to watch.
Article on reloading 8x57 from RealGuns
6 steps to great handloads
 Article on shoulder bumping and headspace
 Case stretch in reloading, and various neck lubes
 Fine tuning the resizing process (smoking case necks; setting shoulder)

Reloading tooling
Hornady catalog
Hornady Lock-N-Load bullet seating gauges
NEI bullet molds – can make custom lead bullet molds.
Forster Products can make custom reloading dies, for example from your own fire-formed cases.                      (Possibly of interest in view of the old vs. new case shoulder angle issue)
Ultrasonic cleaners
    Hornady at Midway
    Similar item from Amazon
    Heated item by Gemoro
    Heated item by iSonic on ebay
    Heated on Amazon
    Another brand heated on Amazon
    Deals from Google Shopping

Reloading supplies
 Custom Brass and Bullets
Reloading data
Reloading data for IMR, Hodgdon and Winchester powders, many different bullet mfrs, weights
Accurate Powders reloading data (go to page 15 for Mauser 8x57)
Another two pages of Accurate Powder reloading data for AA3100 powder; note they plan on obsolete .318 bore.
Alliant Powder reloading data (general index)
        Speer 150 gr bullet    
        Speer 170 gr bullet    
        Speer 200 gr bullet
Reloading manual excerpts from
Nosler reloading data,
        180 grain bullet
        200 grain bullet
Barnes Bullets reloading data
Norma powder reloading data (various bullet makers
Lapua / Vihtavuori reloading data
Stephen Ricciardelli
An Australian reloading site, ADI Powders. See here for a powder name cross reference. (Caution!     substitutions are approximate!)
Loadbooks (site seems down, although ordering through Paypal seems possible. Not the best price)
M. D. Smith
Loaddata (large compendium of various manufacturers' loads – by subscription only)
Ammoguide (another subscription service)
Realguns (another subscription service)
"Modern Reloading" by Richard Lee
Reloaders Nest
QuickLOAD software
Review and another one here
Reloading books at Cheaper Than Dirt (just about all the books, in one place)
Reloading books at Cabela's
 Rob's Reloading Data Organizer – excellent way to keep track of loads and ballistic results
Huge, sortable bullet database
    Another, in Excel spreadsheet form (several pages)

Reloading Berdan-primed ammunition
Decapping pin by Frankonia in Germany

Converting Berdan to Boxer primer
Detailed instructions on a forum thread
Detailed instructions by M. Chandler
Surplus Rifle article on reloading Berdan
Berdan primer dimensions and general Berdan info by Dave Cushman

Powley Computer "to estimate safe charges of IMR powders for modern rifle cartridges"

Ballistics software
General overview of available software
Another overview
Free software from Ballistic
 Recoil calculator
A less accurate recoil calculator
JBM Online Ballistics Calculator (free)
Berger Bullets downloadable ballistics calculator
 PCB-18 ballistics software by O.H. Skevik -- free, generate your own ballistics tables

Target evaluation software
OnTarget V1.10 by Jeffrey Block (outstanding free utility)
Positive review at 6mm BR

Rifle scopes
Iron sights
A discourse on "scout type" scope mounts (replacing the rear sight; no butchering necessary)
 Steyr Scout Rifle page
List of scopes for Steyr scout rifle – Leupold and Burris.
Mount sources
Comprehensive selection of 98k scope mounts by Accumounts, including ZF41 repros and modern alternatives
Repro ZF41 mount, repro scope, repro can, repro tools by Numrich (Update: page has been taken down

Scope mounts to fit rear sights (no gunsmithing)
Gun Accessories mount
Cheap kit solution including scope (probably not very rigid, or very good)
Hi-Lux / Leatherwood including scope (possibly available cheap with mount through Wal-Mart marketplace)  (Same here). (Review).
S&K mount  #2680 at Cheaper than Dirt, $50
#2675 with rings at Galati International $66
Cheap Weaver-style mount including installation instructions (probably not as rigid as ZF41)
User experiences with such a mount
B Square mounts and street price from Midway USA and Brownells
Uncut Picatinny rails to make own mount ( site; see pages 1 & 2)
Blaser mounts (Germany)
Scope candidates for ZF41-style location (long eye relief pistol scopes)
General selection
NCStar SPB2732B 2-7x32 and street prices (Eye relief 8.7 - 10.67 in) and at M1SurplusNCStar SPB432G 4x32 and street prices  (Eye relief 14.14 in)
Bushnell 2-6x32 and street prices  see also here, different model
Burris scopes  (3-12x32) (~$419 for #200309; Walmart ~$366 for #200307; some at $336)
    The Burris 200309 has adjustable parallax
Nikon scopes (Encore 2.5-8x28) (~$290, some vendors even as low as $230
Leupold scope (VX-3 2.5-8x28) (~$540)
Leatherwood 2-7x32  same as NCStar? Street prices.
Aim Sport Optics (apparently once related to NCstar, now split)
        Aim Sport Optics 2-7x
        Aim Sport Optics Mauser 98k mount (at site)
        Aim Sport Optics Mauser 98k mount (at site)
More conventional, rearward scope location
ATI scope mount at mount, also from Buymilsurp (no gunsmithing but may require stock modification)
Same idea from Advanced Technology and Impact Guns; requires carving up your stock, see instructions here
S&K Scope Mounts   Review here
Resources – Austrian source for original parts
German riflescope repairs – various sources; Don Miller (optikhaus) comes highly recommended

Shooting glasses & vision aids
Junker (Zurich, Switzerland – no web site but see here)
Heydenreich, Munich, Germany
Hyskore Pro Optic Aid Kit
Lyman Hawkeye sight
Gehmann iris
Other Gehmann sight components
Merit Optical Attachment


NRA training courses – shooting, reloading, personal protection, etc. Find courses in your area
NRA high power rifle competition rules with target dimensions
NRA targets
Generate printable NRA targets
Another site with the same targets
Downloadable NRA targets, other targets, from 6mmBR. Also load ladder development targets
Printable targets
Beartooth Bullets
Honeywell Sportsman Club – Swiss military A5 format looks good
Recguns – includes a "target analysis"
Targets from
 Targets from the Reload Bench

Load ladder development
From 6mmBR page
From Desert Sharpshooters page
A different – perhaps heretical – approach by Dan Newberry, "Optimal Charge Weight."

Historical note – Original German treatise on load development, by Dr. Carl Cranz. Using the old Mauser 71! It was his doctoral dissertation, Tübingen, 1883.

Bayonets, side arms, accessories
Overview of history of 98k bayonet
General bayonet collection page
Useful links from that page
Bayonet manufacturer codes
Samco – low prices on original bayonets

Ammunition pouches
Ammunition pouch gallery

Bipod mount adapter – goes on bayonet lug. (Discontinued in 2006 according to this announcement)

Sling history
Proper use of the sling
Turner Sling – more for M1 and M1903, but useful info

Auction sites and dealers
Auction sites – USA
General retailers

Karabiner 98 Info – German-language forum and information site

FFL03 license
Is it worth getting? Maybe yes. You can buy guns on the official U.S. gov't Curio and Relic List by mail order and have them shipped straight to you, no middleman dealer. And lots of dealers give discounts. See list.

And maybe no. Read comments.