History of Atlas Press Co. (Courtesy of Richard Stines, San Diego, CA)
Last revised 1/1/99

1911 - Atlas purchased Eames Company who manufactured Arbor Presses. Atlas first manufactured mechanical presses under the Kent-Moore name.

1930 - Atlas began line of metalworking lathes. The first was a 9" with accessories for 479.00 without quick change.

1932 - Manufactured primarily wood lathes and drill presses due to the beginning of the Depression.

1933 - Began manufacturing lathes for Sears under the Craftsman name.

1934 - Began making drills and wood lathes for. Sears with "Craftsman" name. Started the l0D Series lathe.

1935 - Purchased Power King Corporation, Warsaw, IN

1936 - Expanded line with accessories, vises & bits. Sears woodworking equipment &. jointers. Atlas 6" model 612 @ $59.50, 618 @ $64.50, 10" Wood Lathe @ $22..95 & 10" Metal Lathe @- $97.50, less motors.

1937 - Published first Manual of Lathe Operations at $1.00 per copy. Added Bench Saws, Atlas 7-inch Shaper and Sears 6" lathe to line.

1938 - 8" Atlas Bench Saw introduced.

1940 - Began multi-spindle drill press and l0F Series lathes.

1941 - Discontinued production of l0D Series Lathe and woodworking tools. Commenced production of Atlas MF Milling Machine.

1942 - 1944 - Atlas produced metal working equipment only, many used by our Armed Forces. The Q.C. attachment was called "Pick-O-Matic". Sold Arbor Press line in 1944 to Dake Corporation, Grand Haven, MI

1946 - The Atlas and Sears woodviorking line re-started. Discontinued the 36" and 40" TH (H is for Horizontal) models of l0F Series Lathes.

1947 - Discontinued the "Pick-O-Matic" Q.C. attachment and introduced the 1500 Q.C. with the 4-2" and 54-" l0F Series Atlas Lathes.

1949 - Atlas added saws and drills to the woodworking line.

1950 - Atlas purchased Clausing, Ottumwa, IA, Manufactured the 100 and 200 Series only with V-ways.

1952 - 18" Clausing Drill introduced.

1953 - Clausing purchased Johansen Vertical Mill, very small operation, assembling and testing only.

1954- - The mills were moved to Kalamazoo from Skokie, IL

1955 - Began with Colchester. First in U.S. of European imports offering repair parts and service.

1956 - Colchester line expanded.

1957 - 10" Atlas lathe discontinued.

1960 - Atlas woodworking line and drill line sold to Black & Decker.

1961 - Atlas 7B Shaper and MF Mill discontinued.

1964 - Clausing Mills started.

1965 - Company name changed from Atlas to Clausing Corporation to get away from small woodworking image - more into industrial field.

1966 - First 17" 8000 Series Colchester introduced.

1968 - Clausing bought Covell Manufacturing in Benton Harbor, MI, making surface and centerless grinders (operation left in Benton Harbor).

1969 - First 21" 8000 Colchester introduced.

1970 - First 4-foot Richmond Radial Drill introduced.

1972 - First 13" and 15" 8000 Series Colchester Lathes introduced.

1975 - Clausing takes a step unique to the industry and opened a seperate Service Center in Goshen IN. One factor in choosing Goshen was its central location between Clausing's plants in Warsaw and Kalamazoo. The following Personnel from the Kalamazoo office were brought to set-up the new Service Center:
Jim Fink - General Manager
Corky Boodt - Warehouse Manager
Don Hampton - Technical Service Manager
Dale Hawes / Doug Shirah / Carl Miston - Technical Service
Shirley (Bernheisel) Seplak - Customer Service
Ray Miednielski - Controller

1976 - First 3-foot Richmond Radial.

1978 - Hydro N/C Lathe introduced, very similar to Colchester 21" except, with numerical (Electronic) control.

1979 - N/C Service Department moved from Goshen to office in Elgin, IL. Machine Tool Sales Office moved to Elgin, IL. Parts Manufacturing Facility (CR 27 Goshen,IN) to facilitate manufacture of Clausing Lathe parts after closure of Warsaw Plant.

1980 - 11" Colchester 8000 first introduced by Clausing, had been part of Colchester line prior to Clausing introduction in U.S. Also, took on Trident lathes (Binns & Berry Ltd.) 26" and 33" swing.

1981 - Atlas lathe line discontinued. Direct Mail Catalog Program discontinued at Kalamazoo office. Accessories for lathe line transferred to Service Center in Goshen.

1983 - Sales office in Elgin, IL closed and moved tò Kalamazoo. Elgin parts manufacturing facility closed and divided between Kalamazoo and Service Center in Goshen.